Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get Web Hosting for a Web Site with my Store?

We have two hosting packages available. Simba Classic hosting is available for customers who are comfortable with using FTP to transfer their web site files from their local computer to our web servers. Simba Dynamic Engine hosting is for customers who do not want to have to design their pages locally, and are able to edit and set up their site all through a web browser.

What security features does SIMBA Web Store offer?

We have available industry-standard SSL encryption to transmit credit card information securely both on
the way from the shopper to our computers, and again from our computers to you, the

Do I have to sign a contract with SIMBA Web Store?

You have to agree to our Terms of Service, but you don't have to sign up for a fixed period of
time. You can cancel your account at any time.

Can I use as my Store's web address?

Yes, many store merchants do. Also, if you already have a domain name, we can help you transfer it. You may also opt to prefix your store on one of our domains. For example

How do I receive orders from online customers?

  1. Most merchants view orders in their web browser: just go to the SIMBA Web Store home
    page and log in to your Store Manager. Once you've entered your password, you'll be able
    to view orders over a secure connection.
  2. Orders may be emailed to you via a customizable email template. POS/OE 4 customers have available a compatible template.
  3. POS/OE 4 customers can use live links to transfer data from their web store (call for quote)

Do I have to know HTML?

No, you won't need to use HTML. To create your SIMBA Web Dynamic Engine Store, you can type in the name,
price, item number, description, etc., for each item you plan to sell. On the other hand, you can
use HTML if you like -- simply pasting html in.

Can I change a store once I've created it?

You can update your site as often as you want, from any Internet-connected computer. Some of
our users update their sites several times a day.

Does my store have to look the same as all the others?

Far from it. You have very flexible control over the look of your site.

Can I get statistics about what is happening in my store?

Yes. SIMBA Web Store's tracking tools are powerful and extensive, and make it easy to view
sales on a daily basis. There are also other options available such as site reports (inquire for more information).

I have a database of all my inventory. Can I use that database to build my store?

Yes. It is possible to upload a text file containing your inventory item numbers and descriptions and import them.

Do we need any special hardware or software to use SIMBA Web Store?

You don't need anything more than you are using to read this page -- a computer with a web
browser and a way to connect to the Internet. In order to include images in your Store you may
want a scanner or digital camera. The only software you need is an ordinary web browser.

Will SIMBA Web help me drive traffic to my SIMBA Web Store?

Yes. SIMBA Web Store offers tools that make it easy for search engines to find all your pages.

We already have a web site and want SIMBA Web Store to be a storefront.

Yes, many of our users create a SIMBA Web Store for this purpose, and it works fine.

Is SIMBA Web Store available for merchants outside the United States?

At this time please contact our sales staff at 508-653-6911 for more

How much inventory can I keep?

You can sell is much or little products and services as you want. SIMBA Web does not restrict
you to a set number. Stores are set up with a specific amount of allowed hard disk storage space, and allowed network bandwidth.

Can I add new and different products to inventory whenever I want?

Yes you can add, remove or modify any product on SIMBA Web at any time. You are the one
that controls what data you have in your store we just manage it.

Does SIMBA Web do accounting?

EES Companies, Inc. offers a powerful business operations software POS/OE 4 than can seamlessly integrate with SIMBAWeb stores. POS/OE 4 includes powerful accounting and many other features.

What can I use today to get my business started selling on the web?

SIMBA Web is the web-based tool you will need to sell your products on the web. All you need
is a list of products and prices and you are on your way.

If I have questions in setting up my on-line store do you offer support?

Yes we offer E-mail tech support. This product is very easy to set up and is be very

Do you have a minimum sign up period? What do I need to pay to sign up and when?

We do not have a minimum sign up period. You need to pay the set up fee and first month
of service in before your store goes up.

Can I upgrade my SIMBA Web site later on because we expand our product line?

You can always add more service to SIMBA Web. You can also take service away from SIMBA
Web if you feel you are not using it.

I am a POS/OE 4 user and would like to sell my products on the web, what do I need?

There are many options available to you. At a minimum you will need an option called Web Order Processing (WOP) for POS/OE 4 that can pull the orders directly into POS/OE 4. An additional option is to get Live Links for POS/OE 4. With the web order processing and Live Links, SIMBA Web can check in real time, the available stock in POS/OE 4.
This will prevent having any product to be oversold if you have only limited number of stock. There is much more functionality available for web order processing and also live links; contact EES for more information.

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